How to Apply

Grant applications must be submitted through the Foundation’s online application process.

Here’s what’s required:

  • Description of the organization requesting support
  • Description of the objectives for which the grant is sought
  • Specific details on how the objectives are to be attained
  • Budget List of major contributors and amounts received, committed or pending
  • Proposed method of evaluation to determine the eventual extent to which the proposed objectives are to be met
  • Board of Directors list

Tutorials for the online application process:


For Immigrant & Refugee Empowerment & Education Grants: February 1st (LOI) and March 1st (Application) at 11:59 pm CST For Arts Grants and Environmental Grants: July 15th (LOI) and September 1st (Application) at 11:59 pm CST Board meetings to consider grant proposals are generally held in mid-May and mid-November.