The mission of Marbrook Foundation is to promote the values of the Brooks family by making grants and focusing involvement in designated charitable areas and causes that reflect those values.

What We Fund

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Recently Funded Projects

Penumbra Theater

creates professional productions that are artistically excellent, thought provoking, and relevant and illuminates the human condition through the prism of the African American experience. Penumbra seeks to inspire a more loving, inclusive America through the true tales of dignity and strife from Minnesota’s global citizens, performed live on stage and broadcasted across the radio through Let’s Talk: My America – a juried open call for monologues, sonnets, and rally cries.

Ragamala Dance Company 

creates intercultural, collaborative performance works that forge together ancestry and continuity. Ragamala seeks to expand upon the birth-death-rebirth continuum in Hindu thought to examine immigrant experiences of life and death in the diaspora with South Indian dance and music in Fires of Varanasi at The O’Shaughnessy.

Green Card Voices 

shares first-person immigrant narratives through online videos, traveling exhibits, auto-biographical books, and speaking events in order to foster tolerance and create understanding of the immigrant experience. Green Card Voices seeks to foster cultural awareness and understanding of the immigrant experience through visual storytelling, as well as encourage cross-cultural collaboration through an anthology of immigrant stories in graphic novel form, featuring 12 stories of immigrants from 12 countries.

World Savvy 

is embedding global competence in English language learner (ELL) education by providing professional development and resources to teachers that drive students to be authentically engaged in the classroom and inspired to take positive action. Central to this is World Savvy’s belief that all students can become change makers regardless of geography, socioeconomic status, or other barriers